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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industry experts have noted that the Industrial & Manufacturing sector is unstable and liable to sudden shifts. To keep and grow their market share, businesses in various industries must continuously adapt and modify their business practices. Our market-savvy clients were able to find engineering change-makers thanks to our expertise in the sector. These individuals help our businesses survive and succeed.



APAC, a vibrant global hub of economic and commercial activity, has seen significant changes in recruiting practices as a result of digital manufacturing. Our team of consultants keeps abreast of market, employer, and hiring trends in the Logistics, Supply Chain, Export, Warehousing, Transportation, Planning, Shipping, Inventory, Production, Inventory, Management, Packaging, Scheduling, Procurement, and Distribution industries.

Banking & Financial Service and Insurance

banking and financial

We specialize in sourcing candidates for a diverse range of financial institutions, including prominent investment banks and smaller boutique firms, retail banks, insurance companies, investment management firms, and hedge funds. What sets us apart is our team of specialist consultants in the banking and financial services sector. With firsthand experience and well-established networks within the industry, our consultants have cultivated strong relationships with financial institutions across the region. Our exclusive focus on banking talent within various financial institutions has positioned us as experts in our niche areas.



Our distinctive approach focuses on hiring mid-level to senior leaders for businesses in retail sectors. Our executive search business frequently serves as a crucial recruitment partner for assembling mid- to senior-level management teams, which are fundamental to the company's success. Our team of professionals can assist you in finding talent in all significant sub-sectors of the retail and distribution sector, including (but not limited to): e-commerce, fashion, groceries, food and drug, wholesale, and grocery.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) positions are the ideal option for developing technical or linguistic abilities. The range of topics addressed expands along with the industry, from general administration, accounting, and human resources to information technology, logistics, and manufacturing. With our extensive industry knowledge and years of expertise, Job Expert effectively connects top talent with top businesses.

Professional Services

The professional services sector is constantly changing and growing quickly in markets. Clients that are dealing with globalization, e-commerce, cutting-edge technologies, competitive issues, strategic positioning, market share, and profitability growth require the right talent. Our team searches for qualified candidates with adequate industrial abilities to adapt to our client's ever-changing company needs using our industry-specialized knowledge and wide range of professional networks.


The hospitality industry is expanding rapidly throughout APAC, so businesses in the sector need to have talented, competent people on hand to be able to meet growing demand. We'll make sure your next hire in hospitality is perfectly matched to the demands of your business thanks to our access to a wide network of locally developed talent as well as links to some of the most skilled experts in the world on a worldwide scale.

Airport Service

With recent technical advancements and globalization, the aviation industry has been steadily expanding and increasing. Ground handling, catering, social responsibility projects, advertising, cargo facilities and storage, fuel, banks, and technical services are just a few of the jobs that need expertise in airport service. We assist in connecting employers and jobs.

Supply Chain & Procurement

It is well known that businesses try to expand their profit margins by raising product prices or using fewer resources for both business operations and product development. The latter method is tailored for accomplishing specific company goals thanks to the functional role of supply chain managers. We successfully address the human capital requirements of our clients for their supply chain management function by adopting the role of supply chain managers for the recruiting sector.

Food & Beverages

The food and beverage sector is a specialized, cutthroat industry. To effectively seek, acquire, and deploy high performers who can guide you on the path to tremendous innovation and success, it needs expertise, insight, and dedication. Here are the workers we can offer for positions in the food and beverage industry: Supervisors of production, packers, food processors, packers, machine operators, and more.

Business Transportation

The problems and requirements of logistics and transportation industries are met by our comprehensive suite of recruiting solutions. Talent in logistics and transportation - including drivers, mechanics, supply chain project managers, and logistics managers - will continue to be in demand. There is a rising need for people with a variety of skill sets as new technologies transform the transportation and logistics sector.

Human Resources

The Human Resource function plays a crucial part in creating organizational manpower plans in today's transitional economy, where employees are any organization's biggest asset. Such actions have a significant impact on the company's ability to succeed and continue operating. Due to our extensive industry experience, we comprehend the functional role of HR leaders and match the needs of our clients' businesses with the search for such people.


Our specialized team of consultants has years of experience recruiting into the construction industry and a deep grasp of the business. We hire people for roles in infrastructure, residential construction, and commercial construction. We recruit professionals at all technical, managerial, and supervisory levels across a wide range of specialties, and we provide a full range of staffing solutions tailored to the market's quick-moving trends.

Digital Technology

Every firm feels a strong desire to secure top talent in this fiercely competitive labor market as the pace of digital adoption continues to mature. Our team of skilled professionals has years of expertise in hiring for digital-first businesses and collaborating with early-stage startups for large multinational enterprises. To work with and represent our clients and applicants to find the ideal talent for your company or to get the dream job you're looking for, has always been a key component of our strategy.

Sales and Marketing

Organizations rely on their sales and marketing departments to act on market data and establish strategic agendas for market share expansion as a result of the contemporary economy's rapid speed and business saturation. We acknowledge the change in the job and offer our clients a solution to meet their expanding demand for such business professionals and change drivers.

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